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Doors that were formerly closed to independent sponsors are now open.

The independent sponsor model continues to increase in popularity. The sector is becoming more professionalized, capital providers and company owners are embracing independent sponsors in greater numbers, and the market is providing opportunities that independent sponsors are uniquely poised to seize. 

2020 IS Special Report: Weathering the Storm 

How Citrin Cooperman Can Help

From a firm and transaction perspective, our expertise is extensive and well-established; however, the last five years have seen Citrin Cooperman steadily emerge as an industry leader in the independent sponsor community. In 2017 we launched our Annual Independent Sponsor Survey, which was the first of its kind and, year over year, it continues to be the definitive resource on the state of the independent sponsor community. Our reports are often used as a source in print and in industry presentations, and our authors and contributors are often called upon for their industry expertise. In the same way, we continue to make an impact on the overall growth of the independent sponsor community, by connecting capital providers with independent sponsors and creating opportunities to develop relationships. 

When it comes to independent sponsors, our goal is simple - we want to help our clients succeed.

The independent sponsor path “is not for the faint of heart.” We first noted this in our inaugural 2017 Independent Sponsor Survey, when we began our research on the independent sponsor community. Four years later, that phrase has never been truer. Virtually overnight, independent sponsors and their portfolio companies woke up to a new world, facing business shutdowns and changed consumer behavior. Fortunately, for independent sponsors, challenges are part of the game. Independent sponsors are adaptable, resilient and adept at managing uncertainty and risk - and Citrin Cooperman will be there to help them succeed.

Our integrated team of transaction, valuation, and tax specialists takes a multidisciplinary approach, drawing from our in-house industry professionals to provide industry-specific transaction advisory, detailed due diligence, and post-close support. We believe in making friendly introductions to independent sponsors and capital sources, as well as other advisors to the community. We have the industry knowledge and technical experience for any sale or acquisition, and we consistently demonstrate our value by helping our independent sponsor clients maximize opportunities, while mitigating their investment risks and broken deal costs exposure.

Check out the Independent Sponsor Resources Hub for our reports and other industry resources!

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