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Over the last few years, the sports technology industry has been characterized by rapid growth, innovation, and the emergence of early stage, disruptive companies ready to take the industry by storm. Even now, everything continues to move at the speed of light. Today’s sports tech companies need to be open, responsive, and most importantly, ready to capitalize on opportunities that present themselves. It’s an exciting time in a growing industry for disruptive, groundbreaking companies with big ideas and management teams ready to execute. Growth and opportunity may come from expansion into a new sales channel, acquisition of talent in a new region or by pivoting on an overall business model. Internal and stakeholder reporting, state and local tax, and possibly international reporting, become critical paths to success and finding an advisor, who understands the industry and the unique challenges these companies face will be vital.

A great deal of capital is circulating through the marketplace, but the bar has been raised for sports tech start-ups because investors want more – they want results, information, and a plan to deliver. Today, successful entrepreneurs move quickly through different ideas over the span of months instead of years. Developing a winning business model that can stand the test of time is essential. Sports tech companies must be more nimble than ever, as they master the art of the pivot. Delivering solid returns for investors against plan is critical, in a much shorter timeframe.

How Citrin Cooperman Can Help

Our dedicated sportstech professionals bring to the table the right mix of experience and skills unique to the industry, and an understanding of the entrepreneurial spirit embodied in sports tech companies. We provide our clients with actionable advice through custom, realistic, and scalable solutions while staying on top of developments that impact our clients in order to offer fresh ideas geared towards helping them through various stages of maturity. Our team is ready to roll up their sleeves and get to work.  They’re trained to adapt when new challenges arise – bringing a level of realism and pragmatism to the advice they offer and able to customize solutions to fit your specific needs. We believe this blend of technical and operational experience sets us apart and affords our clients high-quality results.

Whether you need traditional accounting and tax support, or guidance on developing business and financial plans, on business execution, obtaining early-stage financing, or strategizing on and executing strategic mergers and acquisitions, we can help.

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