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Developing an Adaptable Telehealth Strategy

May 11, 2020


Heather Spillman

Sarah Hughes


Missed our whitepaper?

Telehealth Development: Addressing the Current Need, While Strategically Position for the Future by Sheppard Mullin and Citrin Cooperman.  In an effort to promote the expansion and utilization of telehealth, federal and state regulators have implemented various changes and relaxations to laws relating to telehealth. Healthcare organizations, including healthcare practices working in all types of specialties, have rapidly integrated telehealth into their core business approaches to adapt to new demands on care delivery and meet the urgent needs of their patients while protecting the future viability of their practice.  Read full whitepaper here.

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We are pleased to introduce the first in a series of Telehealth Maturity Model webcasts, in conjunction with Sheppard Mullin, to assist healthcare organization in working through the different components of the Telehealth Maturity Model. The first episode, Developing an Adaptable Telehealth Strategy will take you through:

  • An overview of the Telehealth Maturity Model
  • An introduction of the Telehealth Strategy Component of the Telehealth Maturity Model
  • The Telehealth Readiness Assessment

 What is the Telehealth Maturity Model?

The Telehealth Maturity Model, developed by Citrin Cooperman and Sheppard Mullin, is intended to help organizations evaluate competencies, capabilities, and levels of sophistication by measuring current capabilities and facilitating improvement and advancement.  The model describes three stages of the capabilities and processes of an organization that can drive a telehealth strategy.  Learn more in our whitepaper, here.

What is the Telehealth Readiness Assessment?

To assist healthcare organizations in understanding their current telehealth capabilities, we have developed an online Telehealth Readiness Assessment,  built around the key components of the Telehealth Maturity Model. Healthcare organizations that complete the assessment will be provided a complementary report identifying potential focus areas in developing a sustainable telehealth model for the future.  Access the assessment here.


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