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Employee Empowerment and Best Practices

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July 27, 2018
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Employee Empowerment and Best Practices from New Jersey Leaders

COMMERCE Magazine put out a special "Best Practices" issue, asking New Jersey business leaders to provide their input on how they make employees feel empowered, and the culture that the firm maintains to make this possible.

New Jersey Office Managing Partner, Alex Serrano, offered the following insight:

Citrin Cooperman employees experience a culture that empowers them to be decision makers, with training programs and mentors who listen and guide them in achieving their professional and personal goals. We have an active open-membership Rainmakers Committee, comprised of employees at various stages of their careers, whose mission is to encourage professional development and personal empowerment, and to continually engage employees in real-world business scenarios.

Additionally, senior industry leaders and business professionals provide members with specialized business training, where they are encouraged to develop both the soft skills and the technical acumen to become comfortable and confident in their abilities – naturally developing the intrinsic qualities of a brand ambassador. Furthermore, we have a truly collegial culture, where everyone supports and contributes to each others success. Every employee understands that they have the capacity and opportunity to impact the firm's overall success, which results in a shared awareness of empowerment.