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Going In For The SCORE

June 25, 2020
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A business’ ability to defend itself against the onslaught of cybersecurity risks is a daunting challenge. The pandemic has made this already untenable situation exponentially worse, and employees are forced to work from vulnerable home environments while cyber-attacks continue to spike. For the many businesses that may not possess the resources needed to identify and combat these threats, Citrin Cooperman developed the SCORE (Security, Compliance, and Operations Risk Evaluation) Report TM . This affordable cybersecurity assessment will help pinpoint the multitude of potential risks that threaten your business, while providing strategic guidance to address them. Here is some additional information on how the SCORE Report TM can help your business:

  • What are the benefits of a SCORE Report TM
    • Identify and address the risks that exist in your business’ IT environment.

    • Receive intuitive reporting geared towards management and not just your IT Department.

    • Evaluate your existing IT department or consultant’s capabilities and expertise.

    • Compare your security scores to industry averages. 

  • What is being assessed during the SCORE Report TM process? 
    • Each of the key facets of your company’s IT environment is assessed at a high level during a SCORE Report TM, including physical security, logical security, compliance, backups, mobile devices, remote computing, and much more. 

  • What are the steps needed to complete a SCORE Report TM 
    • A pre-meeting questionnaire, which allows us to shape the discussion to streamline the process.

    • A two-hour initial discussion with a senior member of your management and IT teams.

    • A one-hour delivery meeting, where the report and findings are presented and discussed in detail. 

  • What happens if there are findings that my team can’t handle? 
    • In addition to helping you assess your cybersecurity needs, we have a team of experts that can provide the resources needed for compliance gap assessments, cybersecurity awareness trainings, spear-phishing campaigns, penetration testing, and other consulting to help you achieve your security goals. 

With the ever-evolving surge of cybersecurity threats, Citrin Cooperman’s SCORE Report TM can help your business stay safe from cyber-attacks and avoid becoming that next data breach headline.

For more information, please contact Kevin Ricci.