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New Opportunities for Revenues

CIANJ's 2019 Business Forecast

December 6, 2018
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CIANJ’s 2019 Business Forecast: New Opportunities for Revenues

As seen in COMMERCE Magazine

LOOKING TO THE FUTURE IS ESSENTIAL for companies that want to plan for long-term success and, in its December 6, 2018 issue, COMMERCE asked many of New Jersey top business leaders to offer their predictions for 2019. Here are the insights, observations and analyses of New Jersey CEOs, which offer a valuable “peek” into the future.

New Jersey Office Managing Partner, Alex Serrano, offers the following insights on Artificial Intelligence and its impact on NJ revenues:

"As Artificial Intelligence (AI) gains strength on the industry radar, accounting firms are considering how to incorporate AI into their business model—potentially slashing the amount of time accountants spend on routine tasks that AI will be able to perform more efficiently. This would allow accountants to spend more time on complex business matters and add more value to audits."

To learn more about the future of AI within the accounting industry, please contact Alex at