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Welcome to Citrin Cooperman’s OnTRAC content hub. Each month, our Technology, Risk Advisory, and Cybersecurity (TRAC) team will bring you cutting edge content to help you navigate the many risks that threaten your business.

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Cybersecurity Alerts

The CCPA Domino Effect
Fingerprints of the Invisible Man
Trick or Treat: Avoiding the Horrors of Hackers During Cybersecurity Awareness Month
Merge Right - Cybersecurity Risks During Mergers and Acquisitions
Understanding the Biden Administration’s Cybersecurity Executive Order
The DO’s and DON’Ts for Addressing Spear Phishing
Getting Off the Hook: Understanding and Avoiding Phishing Attacks
Do We Have Your Attention?
Swipe Right by Complying with PCI DSS
HIPAA Compliance
The Positive Side of Proactive Cyber Defense
The Best Defense Is a Good Offense: Proactively Preventing Cyberattacks
NIST Cybersecurity Framework Overview
Lost in the Cloud - Responsibilities of Storing Data in the Cloud
Establish a Plan to Master the Disaster
Failing to Plan Is Planning to Fail
Be Prepared! Be Very Prepared!
ISO 27001 - A Standard to Boost Your Company's Credibility
The Identity Hack – FAQ’s
Don't Lose Out to GDPR
The World is Getting Sick of Cyberattacks
Flipping the Script – Proactive Defenses through Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration Tests
SolarWinds Backdoor Cyber Breach
The Breach that Stole Christmas
Raise Your Shield
The Dangers of Breach Fatigue
Don't Let Cyber Criminals Make a Profit on Your Hedge Fund Business
Fortify Your Resilience Against Third-Party Challenges
We May Never Have a Vaccine for Cyber Crime
Spear Phishing – Keeping Small Businesses off the Hook
The Silver Bullet in the War Against Cyber Attacks



Risk Advisory Alerts

It’s Budget Season – Re-Evaluating the Audit Plan Post-COVID
The Importance of Internal Audit Quality Assessments
Internal Audit Sourcing Arrangements: The Benefits to Using a Service Provider

COVID Impact Increasing Risk for Third-Party Service Providers

Key Focus Areas with Covid-19 Internal Audit Risk Assessment, Audit Plan, Resource Needs

The Benefits of SOC Reporting
DoD Mandate and the Impact on YOUR Company


Recorded Webinars & Videos

Cyber Securing Your Business (Part 4)
Cyber Securing Your Business (Part 3)
Cyber Securing Your Business (Part 2)
Cyber Securing Your Business (Part 1)
Manufacturing and Cybersecurity Part 2
Manufacturing and Cybersecurity Part 1
MooreTV Cybersecurity - Post Covid-19
MasterSnacks: Cybersecurity
A Hacker's Playground - Cyber Risks During COVID-19
Cybersecurity During the Covid-19 Era 
Fraud and Security in Uncharted Territory: Considerations in the Age of COVID-19



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