Focus on what counts

Audit and Attest

Focused on Shareholder Value

In today’s business landscape, the rules are shifting significantly. New standards, including convergence with international principles and other regulatory changes, are impacting businesses radically and at a faster pace than ever before. As a result, managing business risks have never been more important. 

Our audit and attest services are designed to not only satisfy your regulatory requirements, but also to help you identify and reduce those business risks, increase access to capital, and increase shareholder value.

How Citrin Cooperman Can Help

From technology start-ups to large, multinational businesses in both the public and private sectors, Citrin Cooperman’s audit and attest professionals have the right experience to tailor our procedures to the unique situations of each client.

In addition to providing our clients an independent and objective view of their financial information, we offer valuable insight and advice on corporate governance and business practices, with the overall objective of increasing shareholder value and decreasing business risks. This is possible because we are consultants first. Our partner-to-staff ratio of 1:4 (where the industry average is 1:7) ensures our clients always have access to experienced professionals.

Our audit and attest clients also benefit from our deep industry expertise. Citrin Cooperman advises clients on risks and opportunities that are unique to their industries. Audit and attest services are not simply a commodity or compliance exercise. Our approach includes involving firm specialists in accounting, tax, valuation, and information technology, which often can result in efficiencies and process improvement opportunities for our clients’ businesses. By focusing on a high-quality procedures and incorporating firm specialists in our process, we provide assurance to stakeholders through the quality and transparency of our clients’ financial reporting.