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Fraud Investigations

We Solve the Who, What, How, and How Much

When there are allegations of impropriety you can turn to us. Our fraud investigators have extensive experience confirming or negating allegations of financial mismanagement, investigating whistleblower complaints, and performing FCPA and sanction investigations. We are experienced at developing internal controls and compliance procedures, presenting to regulatory agencies, and acting as expert witnesses.

How Citrin Cooperman Can Help

We conduct investigations into allegations of financial fraud, corruption, and accounting irregularities, each of which can lead to lost profits, operational stagnation, regulatory censure, and reputational damage. We help our clients establish the: who, what, how, and how much. In unearthing the facts, we provide insightful feedback allowing the client to close control gaps, minimize damage and protect their reputation quickly, discreetly, and effectively.

We perform fraud investigations relating to business and family disputes, whistleblower accusations and regulatory inquiries in both pre-litigation and litigation environments. We work closely with in-house and external legal counsel to make certain that goals are achieved in a cost-effective manner.

Our approach to fraud investigations combines forensic accounting expertise with traditional investigative skillsets, deep industry experience and innovative forensic, e-discovery and data analytic technology.

Our team includes certified public accountants, certified fraud examiners, Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists, Chartered Financial Analysts, Certified Valuation Analysts, cybersecurity experts, researchers, and attorneys. We move smoothly through the administrative process allowing us to assign teams with the proper experience to begin the work quickly and effectively.

Our role is to meticulously investigate each case and deliver excellent services. Fraud is a costly risk and can be crippling to the operation of organizations of all sizes. Our goal is to establish the facts as quickly as possible allowing the client to get back to business as usual.

Our team provides attorneys and clients with a wide range of litigation services and regulatory compliance. We conduct all aspects of intensive fraud investigations, including the reconstruction of financial books and records, interviewing witnesses and subjects, asset identification, analyzing the flow of funds, quantifying damages, preparing expert reports, and providing expert testimony at depositions and trials.

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