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Developing a plan to execute your strategy


How Citrin Cooperman Can Help

For middle market companies, success is about executing well. Our Strategy practice identifies the areas of your business that will create the most value and then develops realistic plans to achieve that value.

Our teams generate insights about how to grow revenues, reduce costs, improve strategic alignment, and better serve your customers. Our recommendations can include process improvements, structural changes, and systems updates.  These recommendations are always followed by the development of a roadmap that we can work with you, side by side with your team, to execute.

  • Rapid Business Assessment: Perform an end-to-end assessment of your business using interviews, data analysis, process walkthroughs, and benchmarking to identify the best ways to create value for your business and generate a plan and roadmap to execute the projects required to do so
  • Operations Assessment: For manufacturing, distribution, and asset-intensive businesses, we perform a deep dive of your operations to identify the best ways to create more value out of your core operations using the best combination of lean, six-sigma, and traditional process and space improvement methodologies
  • Employee Strategy Alignment: Through qualitative and quantitative analysis, see where in your organization you have high or low degrees of strategic alignment, and identify both opportunities and risks for better aligning your workforce to the organization’s strategic goals
  • Voice of the Customer (VOC): We use a two-tiered model to perform VOC analysis that starts with a broad survey of your customer base, then dives into rich, facilitated conversations with key accounts to understand what your company can do to better serve your customers, better compete, and create more revenue opportunities
  • Exit Planning: We help our clients develop exit plans, whether internal or through sale of the company, that takes into account our clients’ personal goals, market conditions, and the strengths and capabilities of the organization. We guide owners through the thought processes associated with an exit, curate the right circle of advisors, and cut through the noise inherent in this complicated process to help you focus on what is truly most important in planning a business transition.

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When to Reach Out

  • Do you have defined goals – grow slowly, explosive growth, M&A, exit?

  • Are your products and services meeting these goals?

  • Do you have access to the right markets, customers, and brand to meet these goals?

  • Are you aware of your competitors and their strategies?

  • What projects do you need to execute?

  • Do you have the right people in the right places?