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Business Process Outsourcing for Real Estate Entities

A solid finance and accounting team is necessary to provide accurate and timely financial data to owners and investors of real estate companies. Many real estate companies are shifting towards an outsourced model for their accounting functions to run their businesses more efficiently. Outsourcing provides greater flexibility, access to top talent, minimizes overhead costs, and optimizes financial reporting. In turn, real estate professionals can more effectively focus their time on managing their business while having access to timely and accurate financial information. This information enables management to make informed decisions to ensure the growth of the business.

Citrin Cooperman provides the following outsourced services that can be tailored to meet each company’s size and needs:

CC Outsourced Services

Real estate companies may also look to outsource a specific role within their accounting department on a temporary or permanent basis such as the chief financial officer (CFO), controller, or financial planning and analysis (FP&A)/senior accountant role.

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