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Microsoft Power Automate: How to Add Users to Access Teams

By Andrew Yoder .

Automatically adding and removing users from Access Teams in Microsoft Power Automate is ultimately quite simple. To use flow to add or remove users from Access Teams, you will need to perform a Bound Action, either AddUserToRecordTeam or RemoveUserFromRecordTeam.

You will also need three items:

  1. The User Globally Unique Identifier (GUID) of who you are adding or removing.
  2. The Record GUID of a record with the Access Team. In this example, Account is used.
  3. The Team Template ID, which is a GUID assigned to the Team Template when you first create it.

Some important points to keep in mind during this process include:

  • Access Teams are automatically created and deleted in Microsoft Power Automate and exist only if they contain at least one user. Upon removing the final user, the team ceases to exist and appears to be deleted from the back end.
  • The naming convention for Access Teams: Record GUID + Team Template ID.
    • Example: 3469745b-5616-ec11-b6e6-000d3a17cb1b + fec3b42c-1ec7-ec11-a7b6-0022482b01e2

Here is what Access Teams look like as they are created on the backend in Microsoft Power Automate:

Access Teams Backend

Now that you know where to find all three components, build a flow to perform the action:


To remove a user, simply select RemoveUserFromRecordTeam and use the same syntax.

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