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At Citrin Cooperman, we think of Digital Services differently. Our comprehensive approach takes your entire business in mind, taking the most advantage of accelerating technology and business processes to help you scale your business. Citrin Cooperman Digital Services is a collection of expertise built around the modern needs of businesses at all stages of the digital transformation journey. Technology is advancing rapidly and expanding to new parts of your business and to new users within the organization. Modern Work requires connected systems working in unison, in real-time, with secure tailored experiences for customers and the team members that are servicing them. Data management and security are critical as we move into processes augmented by artificial intelligence (AI). Deploying data collected by both back office and frontline workers demands strategic integration across platforms while keeping a keen eye on compliance and cybersecurity. The future starts now.  

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It All Starts With Strategy

Plan the work, work the plan. Citrin Cooperman’s Digital Transformation Practice helps you assess your whole business and build a strategic roadmap to optimize cost, change management, and value aligned with your organization’s goals. Many times, companies grow faster than their systems can keep up with, and they find themselves with manual work, outdated platforms, and a gap in their capability to continue to grow. Some firms move so fast the foundational building blocks are passed over to meet customer demand. Our structured methodology and rapid assessment toolset enable us to discuss your current state and provide innovative insights and a roadmap on the best path forward. Whether it is cash flow management, process automation, business data analytics, and beyond; Citrin Cooperman has the in-house expertise to get you there. 

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All technology platforms are not built the same. Citrin Cooperman evaluates your entire organization with multiple platforms in mind and then helps identify the right fit for your firm and the required integrations. Some of the technology software and platforms we support include Microsoft, NetSuite, Salesforce, and Vena, among others.

Technology is changing rapidly and reaching every part of organizations. A holistic approach to the entire organization requires looking at multiple platforms, a variety of solutions, and the integration effort to unify the technology ecosystem.

Identifying, managing, and avoiding unnecessary risks is a crucial and necessary activity for your organization. Ensuring your organization has the proper level of operational, functional, and technological controls in place, as well as a means of monitoring the effectiveness of those controls, is of paramount importance in addressing risk in today's business environment 

Unauthorized access, theft, and damage to your data is becoming a reality for every sized business. Proper protection requires continuous strategic management that encompasses all computer systems, access points, networks, and databases. 

Data integration is the process of combining data from different sources into a single, unified platform. Firms will make informed decisions faster, optimize operations, and drive innovation with a connected technology stack.

Digital Transformation Journey

How would you rate your e-commerce capability? How about supply chain management, or cybersecurity? Welcome to the Digital Services Maturity Model. A comprehensive framework to evaluate your business across all major business processes and technology areas and evaluate the opportunities for improvement. That is just the beginning. Every component details out the technology you need to succeed, the KPIs you will benefit from, and the ROI of making the change. It’s like having a personalized map of the future of your organization at your fingertips. Let’s get started today.

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All Technology Platforms Are Not the Same

Mid-Market businesses have access to many powerful operational platforms that manage accounting, inventory, customer service, commerce, manufacturing, and service. Citrin Cooperman works with multiple leading mid-market platforms from major publishers to ensure that the optimal technology stack is built for your business. Deep knowledge of various markets and industries allows us to provide clarity amongst all options available today. Our conversations with you will balance today’s circumstances and the desired future state to build an actionable roadmap. Citrin Cooperman offers enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), productivity and communications (Microsoft 365), and corporate performance management (CPM) all under one roof with additional practices focused on security and integration. Building an effective technology ecosystem requires a comprehensive approach and coordination across solutions.  

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Technology Platforms

Citrin Cooperman is aligned with the leading platforms for the mid-market to ensure proper fit and functional capabilities for all companies along the Digital Services Maturity Model. Oracle NetSuite, Salesforce, and Microsoft are the three leading technology platforms today. Our expertise will enable you to utilize these in the right way across all aspects of your business from Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Cloud Platform and Productivity, and Integration and Analytics. One integrated technology set for your business, enabled by AI, powered by world leading platforms, and implemented by experts. That is a competitive advantage. Let’s get started today.

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