Count Us In

CC Edge

CC EDGE is a program committed to enhancing a culture at Citrin Cooperman that understands, appreciates, and supports the diverse, gender-specific needs of everyone in the firm.  We are taking action to continue to move the needle forward in creating an inclusive workplace. 

MISSION STATEMENT: Citrin Cooperman Empowering Diversity and Gender Equality (CC EDGE) strives to establish within Citrin Cooperman a culture that enables each individual to create, within the business framework of the firm, the career that they want based on a safe, respectful and inclusive workplace that provides for equal opportunity, fairness and work-life flexibility. This culture change will be achieved by helping individuals develop success and market facing skills and by infusing an attitude of equality and diversity through firm awareness and outreach activities. 

Our vision in creating CC EDGE is to drive the evolution of the culture of our firm, which embraces three important elements: Equal Opportunity and Fairness; Work-Life Flexibility; and a Safe, Respectful Workplace.  We believe strongly in the need for cultural change so that each individual can create the life and career they want for themselves while building a stronger future for the firm. 

CC EDGE is a long-term strategy to create a firm environment that works for everyone.  It is not another initiative focused on achieving a short-term goal, or a check-the-box program for a specific group.  We are committed to fostering change in the day-to-day experiences and the career growth of everyone at Citrin Cooperman.


CC EDGE continually engages in activities and initiatives that support the tenets of our program and help us execute our mission, including: 

  • Bi-monthly newsletters covering topics ranging from monthly observances to current social developments in DEI
  • Working with external organizations like PENCIL, Women's Enterprise Development Center, The Hispanic Federation, Alliance of Women Entrepreneurs, Professional Women in Construction, and many others, to support diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts at local and national levels
  • Participating in charitable events and fundraisers
  • Drive awareness through involvement in annual campaigns for International Women's Day, International Men's Day, and PRIDE