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Moving with the Speed of Healthcare - The challenge with the business of healthcare is the need to always be thinking ahead and protecting against downside, while continuing to generate growth in a continually evolving industry. With over 35 years of experience working with healthcare systems, post-acute care providers, and physician practices among others, we think inside the industry studying and analyzing where the future might be, so we can help you innovate and lead.

How Citrin Cooperman Can Help

Citrin Cooperman provides our clients with actionable advice and entrepreneurial solutions for navigating today’s transformative environment across the continuum of care. We build strong relationships with our clients, allowing us to provide insight and understanding to their unique needs. This enables us to identify and deliver services that help them achieve their strategic organizational objectives.

Serving over 350 healthcare organizations nationwide, our professionals strategically assist our clients to plan for the future, including guiding them through strategic transactions, developing strategic plans, providing extensive capital planning, developing innovative compensation methodologies, providing reimbursement enhancement services, and other strategic support, along with top-level assurance and tax services.

We serve a wide range of entities within the healthcare industry, including:

• Physician practices
• Academic medical centers
• Acute care hospitals
• Specialty hospitals
• Skilled nursing facilities
• Home health agencies
• Health plans
• Ambulatory surgery centers
• Outpatient clinics
• Pharmacies
• Cancer centers
• Imaging centers
• Dental practices
• Assisted living facilities
• Federally-qualified health centers
• Hospices
• Long-term care facilities
• Physical therapy centers
• Rehabilitation centers
• Urgent care centers
• Management services organizations
• Billing services companies

OurRelated Services

Healthcare Assurance

In addition to our core audit and attest services, our professionals also provide a range of custom assurance services to our healthcare clients, including:

  • Regulatory/cost reporting
  • Uniform guidance audits
  • Bond issuance and compliance reports

Our assurance team members are also editors of the CCH Health Care Audit Guide.

Healthcare Tax

In addition to our core federal, state and local, and international tax services, our professionals also provide a range of custom tax compliance and consulting services to our healthcare clients, including:

  • Assistance in obtaining and maintaining tax exemption
  • Section 501(r) compliance
  • Drafting community health needs assessment and implementation strategy
  • Tax-exempt bond compliance
  • Captive insurance hospital tax compliance
  • Unrelated business income tax planning and guidance
  • Physician issues, including joint ventures, recruitment agreements, income guarantees, acquisition/divestiture and tax status

Healthcare Advisory 

Citrin Cooperman’s healthcare advisory services are focused upon provider collaboration and integration strategies, business development, financial analysis and support, financial and capital needs, and revenue cycle support.

Spurred on by healthcare reform, the development of efficient and collaborative relationships between providers, as well as between providers and payors, has become critical. Citrin Cooperman professionals have extensive experience in helping to craft provider integration and alignment strategies, including:

Guiding Four Phases of Healthcare Transactions 
  • Planning - determining whether to pursue a transaction and with which partner(s).
  • Structuring/negotiating – helping to craft the financial, operational, and governance model.
  • Execution – quality of earnings and financial due diligence.
  • Implementation - 120-day post-transaction integration plan. 
Physician Alignment and Integration Services
  • Acquisitions, groups without walls, joint ventures, professional services arrangements, co-management agreements, and other contractual arrangements
  • Operational and financial physician practice assessments
  • Development of physician compensation methodologies
  • Integration of acquired physician practices into health systems and larger physician practices
Post-Acute Care Strategy Services
  • Bundled payments
  • Preferred provider arrangements and joint ventures with hospitals
  • Vertical and horizontal integration - innovative collaborations between post-acute care providers
Population Health Management Services
  • Developing financial sharing methodologies
  • Creation of operational, financial, and governance models
  • Business planning – service lines, new facilities, ancillary businesses

Furthermore, our consulting practice, focuses in the following areas:

Risk, Technology, and Governance Services
  • Enterprise risk management
  • HIPAA compliance
  • Corporate governance
  • Internal controls
  • Technology
Financial Analysis and Support Services
  • Financial feasibility studies
  • Valuations of healthcare entities and arrangements between healthcare providers
  • Damages computations of litigation matters impacting healthcare providers
  • Business plans
  • Capital planning, including financial structuring of tax-exempt bond issuances

Finally, in today’s environment of stagnant or declining reimbursement for healthcare providers, the importance of an efficient and comprehensive revenue cycle cannot be overstated. We regularly work with healthcare providers to analyze and improve revenue cycle performance. Among the services we provide are:

  • Revenue enhancement and reimbursement consulting
  • Revenue cycle and cash acceleration
  • Review and improve efficiency of billing procedures

See our Healthcare Advisory Services page for more information.