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Healthcare Advisory

Focused on the Intersection of Strategy & Execution

Healthcare is a complex industry that is experiencing profound change at an accelerated pace. Rapid advancements in medical science and technology and fundamental changes in reimbursement methodology have materially altered the industry landscape.

How Citrin Cooperman Can Help

Whether through the emergence of innovate business models or significant levels of non-traditional acquisitions and partnerships, healthcare’s remarkable evolution requires those serving the industry to be equally transformative.

Citrin Cooperman's dedicated team works across the entire ecosystem, supporting efforts throughout the full continuum of care while servicing providers, payors, and investors. We proactively arm our clients with the tools needed to be forward thinking and draw from our deep collective expertise to deliver services to keep your organization competitive and financially profitable.

OurRelated Services

Our professionals focus on strategy work that sustains, including:

  1. Helping to identify timely, cost effective financial solutions
  2. Translating insights and experience into value for clients
  3. Identifying processes and controls to strengthen your organization
  4. Identifying risks and implementing solutions


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