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Bitcoin was designed to operate using “blockchain technology” which provides a public, immutable record of all historic Bitcoin transactions. Although blockchain provides an accurate transaction history, it does not contain any personal information to tie an individual to a specific transaction or account. Consequently, the Bitcoin owner retains a large degree of anonymity, making Bitcoin well-suited to money laundering and other illicit transactions. Over the years, the cryptocurrency ecosystem has developed a wide variety of techniques to hide funds and obscure an individual’s transaction history.

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We are well-versed in cryptocurrency obfuscation techniques such as mixing services, coin-joins, privacy coins, chain hopping, and unregulated/under-regulated foreign exchanges. There are currently thousands of different cryptocurrencies in existence, each with their own unique attributes. Crypto assets are highly complicated and extremely technical in nature.

Our professionals regularly teach classes on cryptocurrency fraud, investigation, valuation, taxes, and technology. We have been quoted by, Financial Advisor Magazine, The Trusted Professional, and more.

Attorneys and clients seek out Citrin Cooperman for expertise in crypto asset location, investigation, and asset seizure. We simplify the complex world of cryptocurrency into analyses and reports that lawyers, judges, and juries can understand. Our professionals are trial-tested experts with experience testifying in Federal, State and Bankruptcy courts.

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