Focus on what counts

Business Management and Family Office

Focused on Keeping Your Business Personal

Whether you’re a successful high-profile individual, wealth client, or entertainer, while you manage your professional life, we serve as your financial center. This allows you to dedicate your undivided attention and energy to your creative arts and wealth generating life, while we provide the expertise, guidance and perspective needed for a firm financial foundation.

How Citrin Cooperman Can Help

With privacy at the heart of every matter, our Business Management and Family Office Practice is highly experienced and dedicated to providing sound financial and business guidance for high-profile individuals and their families.

Our experience navigating the needs of a wide range of clients has shaped our holistic approach to wealth management. Having a broad range of services and in-house experts, including CPAs and Certified Financial Planners (CFPs), we develop strategies that work for our clients’ individual needs and business models. We also ensure that legal, tax, and other advisory services are in sync with our clients’ financial plans and coordinate their efforts to deliver expected results.

We take privacy very seriously, and it’s one of the reasons why our clients trust us as their financial advisors. We personally keep an eye out for breaking news and potential repercussions, and work seamlessly with our clients’ other advisors to ensure that any decisions made keep their best interests in mind. Citrin Cooperman covers a wide range of clients, including high net worth individuals, high-profile individuals and their families, and single-family and multi-family offices.

OurRelated Services
  • Bill paying, general ledger, and financial reporting
  • Cash flow budgeting and planning
  • Life and casualty insurance review
  • Records management
  • Primary and vacation home administration, domestic and international
  • Assistance and coordination of the acquisition and/or leasing of homes and other capital assets
  • Assistance and coordination of mortgages and other financing needs including lines of credit
  • Domestic employment matters and payroll administration
  • Maximizing the value from family assets
  • Ensuring that each generation’s goals are met in conjunction with the overall family goals
  • Strategizing estate and wealth transfer plans
  • Maintaining separate finances for estate, tax, security, and confidentiality purposes
  • Facilitating sales and liquidations
  • Reaping the full benefits from charitable contributions
  • Provisioning for healthcare needs, insurance and medical claims processing
  • Funding education
  • Risk analysis
  • Concierge services